Terms & Conditions

Job Matcher is an online job matching site. In no way are Job Matcher’s founders guaranteeing job placement or a direct match to job postings. There is no way for Job Matcher to ensure that a user will find work through the use of this site. The information that the user puts in is a direct correlation with the matches that he/she will get. In no way are we at Job Matcher suggesting that something that wasn’t inputted by the user will matriculate as a match.


The user must ensure that prior to submitting their information that the information they input is correct. Job matcher will not assume information from the user. Job Matcher is not a recruiting site. We do not have jobs readily available for the user.


Job Matcher will not be held liable if the user finds work that is deemed illegitimate. Job Matcher has no affiliations with the companies that are posting jobs via the World Wide Web. The user must use their own discretion when searching for jobs on Job Matcher.


Job matcher will not be responsible, if through the discussion forum information was inadequately stated. Job Matcher has no affiliations with the individual users on the discussion/ forum board. Job Matcher will look for obscene language and foul play on the discussion board. However, they will not discredit or credit content based on who is an expert or not.


Job Matcher will not be held liable if the information from the market analysis is ever incorrect at any given time. Job Matcher will work to provide that information in real time; however, if the information if at any moment is inaccurate, Job Matcher will not be held liable. User must use discretion when reviewing the market analysis segment of their profile.