Frequently Asked Questions



How does payment work?

The first four matches are a free. Thereafter, the user will pay .99 cents for unlimited access to the site.


Can I get a refund on my purchase?

There is only one payment of .99 cents. There is no refund.


What if my account isn’t letting me log in?

The user can utilize the’ forgot username’ and ‘forgot password’ link. If you are still not able to log in, you can email jobmatcher at


Can I post anything on the discussion board?

The discussion board allows the user to post on information related to job and career topics. No, the user will not be allowed to post on any irrelevant topic.


Will others or employees be able to see my profile?

No. The profile tab is strictly the users’ personal profile where no other person will have access to.


How does the Resume Correction work?

You will be able to upload your resume as an attachment to the resume correction submission form. Add extra information about yourself in the comments section. We will email you your corrected resume with an invoice for payment.


How much does the Resume Correction cost?

Each resume is unique, so we tailor the cost based on the time and the amount of corrections needed on an individual basis.


Can I send comments and suggestions for the site?

Yes. In the comments form, you are able to send any comments or suggestions.